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The Library will be open Monday-Friday from 10-5:30. At this time only the Foyer will be open for patrons to use.

You may pickup your requested books and return books in the foyer. Access to the main library and the children’s library

is restricted at this time.

Please call or order online your items to be picked up.


Library changes

With the rising Covid cases in our area the Library will go to Curbside service on Monday Dec.7. We will be available to take calls for library materials Monday, Wednesday and Friday from

10am until 2pm. We will set items on the steps for pickup during this time. This is the safest way for us to continue to serve our patrons. We ask that you put all returned material in the outdoor dropbox so we may pick them up and clean them. We still have two available wifi services at this time for you to use. We know this is an inconvenience for our patron but we hope to keep them safe and our employees safe.

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